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feeling my way through app design - 8 - Linking Galleries & Dataverse

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Big day! I need Productiveness! I dive into YouTube and find a video called 'Upbeat Study Music Deep Focus For Complex Tasks - Giraffe Mix' sounds crazy but this massively effects my focus! this music would be great for coding! our case...low coding!

Now I have reached the point in my design where I need to link my galleries to some more information in Dataverse, I want the app to display a tick in the corner of each room/job image so that once the child has completed the job, they can mark it as complete and then parents can check and approve/reject it.

This seems harsh but we know what can happen, tap tap tap I'm done!.. well! not so fast!

'Complete' will display a green tick and anything other will be a red tick. once a parent has approved the job is done, the job will disappear from the page all together.

I've needed some help with this, not gunna lie, but a blog page from Michal Guzowski on 'How to work with options set in power apps' was super helpful. Google is my best friend right now!

I am also working on the Parental Controls page where parents can select a dropdown of which child they want to delegate to, set a due date and then select the jobs they need to complete. Linking this up to Dataverse is proving tricky but, once again, between my brother in law and trusty google I'm sure we can slowly figure this out.

(enter montage with some serious huffing & puffing, keyboard hammering and face-palming!)

I also wanna take this chance to thank the Microsoft PowerApps Community, the forums are there to answer ALL the questions and solve the kind of problems that I'm having right now!

Just amazing people on these forums!

Although were working in Low code, its tricky for a beginner! the first thing I advise is to apply the Power FX Formula bar if you're not too confident with formulas. When you open your canvas app, select settings at the top of your menu, go to upcoming features, click experimental and you will find an option for 'Try the new power Fx formula bar' - Do it!

I like it.

Back to the app and I am going to be looking at setting up the pages linked to the parental controls that will allow the parent to add, edit and approve chores and deadlines. These will also be linked to Dataverse. I want a table that displays the chores along with a deadline date bar and a dropdown next to the chore to select 'approved' or 'rejected'.

And here it is...

I'm pleased with the look of this page, its coming along and its super simple and user friendly which is what's important. The parent needs to be able to pick up their phone, tap, tap, tap... done! - no one wants to spend the evening setting up chores on the app...

Being user friendly is my main priority - if you create something that isn't easy/fun to use, they wont use it and making something aimed toward children I'm feeling the pressure to get this particular element right!

I'm completing this app around my current day job tasks so I will endeavour to get this blog out bit by bit but do stay tuned so see how it all irons out :)

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