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feeling my way around app design - 6 - pixel art, galleries & checkboxes

This morning I’m feeling good despite having a stinking cold but really can't decide on a soundtrack to work to so... Something a bit different, listening to a ‘Bailey Sarian – Murder Mystery Monday’ because I love a grizzly story! She was talking about the first ever cosmetic boob job and it’s making me laugh which is just what I need at 8:30am on a Thursday!

Anyway! To the Canvas app! *swooshy noise*

I have edited the font on the gallery, colours and the positions of the images to the point where I am happy, and I will select the option to hide the scroll bar as it looks pretty ugly and separates the whole screen into two. Yuck! But for now, I need it there to navigate around while I check my work.

I have decided to use a light blue for the font which hovers red just to add a little fun and I have upped the wrap count to 2 in the gallery settings to show 2 rows of images.

I then added in a checkbox (image below) so the boys can select it once they have completed the chore.

I have changed the border colour and the ‘tick’ colour to green and made it so that the hover is set to a low transparency so the inside of the checkbox just changes slightly upon hovering, again, just to keep things visually exciting, although the intention of the app may not be fun, the usage must be in order for the boys to stay on task!

Now... How are we going to get the boys to stay on task? Parents have decided they want to reward them for doing their chores with pocket money and although we don’t want them to compete as such, we want them to realise that if they're unmotivated and do not do their chores they won't get the money. Some of you parents out there know, this isn't always enough so I will create running total on the home page to show how much each child has made this week from their chores...

Again, not to compete – there are no ‘winners’ but to show any child that is feeling unmotivated that they can be rewarded in this way too. £1 for a job may not seem worth the effort but once you’ve completed all of your jobs you may have enough for that game you’ve been looking at!

I also want to create a pop up message once they have tapped 'finish' that will congratulate their efforts! Afterall - its hard work picking up your socks AND putting them in the washing basket! phew!

As for the pixel art, I have been asked how I made them and the answer is super simple! I have been using Figma for quite a few different things on this project and to keep everything in one place I thought I would try to draw out the icons using Figma.

I created an icon frame of the right size as my canvas and then got to work drawing. I used a pen tool to draw the outlines and then coloured boxes to fill as I couldn't use the 'fill' tool as a lot of the lines do not join to make fillable areas. These boxes were then moved backwards so the outline was at the front of the image. It was mainly large, close up work to make sure my boxes were hidden behind outlines but overall it worked and I'm pretty sure that's all that matters! I'm pretty happy with these little images, they're fun, engaging and colourful.

I am working on another very different project at the moment so am just picking this project up (and with it the blog) as and when I can but I'm enjoying the variety it adds to my working schedule so that's a plus!

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