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feeling my way around app design - 5 - pretty galleries

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

It's another day and I’m taking a look at the canvas chore app. I want to take my time, concentrate, and get these galleries looking good so I’ve chosen to listen to ‘Upbeat Study Music Deep House Mix for Peak Focus - Isochronic Tones’ on YouTube these repetitive tunes help me focus and I find gaming soundtracks great to study/work to as well as they are made for background noise & concentration. Perfect! Let's go!

So my first task is to change the font in the home screen gallery to make it match the theme and just generally look a little better.

Ok, the font is good, the transparent hover button works well and its navigating to the correct screen (SID) so lets carry on to that screen which will display the jobs needing to be done.

I head to Dataverse to whack some data in the table so everything will show up on the gallery in the canvas, then I can work on the design.

I want the gallery on this page to show an image corresponding to the room the chore is based in, the written job to appear underneath the image and then a checkbox control that the child can tap to signify the chore being complete.

The Parent can then 'approve' or 'reject' the submission - I'm aware that this sounds harsh, 'rejecting' the job, but we know what happens...I was the kid who 'cleaned' the skirting boards by wiping them with the toe of my socks!

I have entered in an ‘image’ column into the Dataverse areas table and now I need to design an image for each room. I'll do this on Figma as I just want simple icon type illustrations. (I will talk more about this in the next blog entry).

I have drawn up some simple 'pixel art' images on Figma, these will represent each room the chore is based (I will explain exactly how I created these in a later entry)

  • Kitchen

  • Living room

  • Bathroom

  • Bedroom

  • Car

Now the Images are complete, I will pop them into the Dataverse image column and this will transfer over to the main page gallery in the canvas app.

Next I just need to head to the canvas app, make sure the images are showing up and edit the gallery with all the information inside to make it look a whole lot better. As you can see below, it is still looking mighty rough!

I want to thank those of you who commented on my last blog regarding how I could add in the images to Dataverse, that was super kind of you!

in Particular Pen Warner who you can find on LinkdIn, he posts some pretty cool stuff, in particular his Statto Sticker Collection work at the moment is PRETTY!

if you wanna give him a follow -

This was a very short entry but to be fair it took me a while to draw up all the designs on Figma and I'm going day by day on this Blog - I think its good for beginners like myself to get an idea of other peoples time scales (if that makes sense) I do have other bits and pieces going on and will be picking up some more work in the coming weeks but it gives you a vague idea of turnaround. This little app may not seem too amazing to some but its a labour of love and like I've said before, I'm training, getting to grips with everything as I go & having fun with it.

til next time.

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