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feeling my way around app design - 4 - Diving into Dataverse

I…am…tired… but I need to get on with it so lets go for something gentle – I browse YouTube and find Relaxing Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild Music w/ Rain and Thunder – That’ll do!

Ok so I’m not the most Dataverse literate person ever yet but I need the information within the app on Dataverse so I can use galleries on the canvas app to display it.

For example, I’m going to need a gallery on my canvas app page to show what chores need to be done and in which room…so…

I begin by making a vague table/list on excel so I know where thigs need to go on Dataverse.

And then I transfer the information over onto Dataverse.

Some of these columns require ‘look up’ options such as the ‘Area’ column (kitchen, living room etc) – so this column in the ‘job’ table needed to be linked to the ‘area’ table… it all sounds a bit confusing but when you enter the name of your new column in, below you have options for the information being entered to be numbers, dates or a look up and then below that you have an option to link it to another table where it will find the information to look it up for you. It's not all that complicated once you take a look around. Just breathe! There's no rush, just concentrate and take it easy.

Its times like this where I have to remember that its ok to not be a pro at something so soon! In order to be good at it, I first have to suck and well...I kinda do! Buuuut I'm getting there so lets keep going...

I’m now heading over to the canvas app to link up the Dataverse information to the galleries in the canvas.

Below the home page logo, I have placed a gallery displaying the user names taken from Dataverse, over the top I have put a transparent button with a hover border in bright green making sure the navigation information is linked to the ‘OnStart’ to navigate to the next page.

Next session I need to make the names in the gallery look pretty. I will select a font and play with colours etc. but for now I'm going to play around on Figma and perhaps try to draw some pixel art style icons ready for the app. I know I'm gunna need an image to represent each room so I will decide what image I want to represent each room.

I'm gunna go for -

  • A Bed for the Bedroom

  • A Toilet for Bathroom

  • A Car for... the Car

  • A sofa for Living room

  • A Mixer for the Kitchen - I was gunna do a sink or something but the mixer makes for a cute image.

I used a line tool to create jagged, pixelated edges and then used coloured shapes to fill in the colours I wanted, by moving the shapes backwards through layers, they would appear behind the thick black lines as if 'coloured in'.

These images will display on the kids main chore display gallery. To display these within the gallery I will need to upload them onto Dataverse alongside the areas of the house.

I'm not 100% sure how to do this so TO GOOGLE!!

until next time...


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